Project Contributions


Dj software (C++)


A distributed music library management system (Rust)

  • Allow to build a search query with a binary tree of filters and "and" and "or" combinations[1]
  • And more...

Aoide iTunes

An Aoide client to retrieve iTunes library metadata (Swift)



Graph data structures and algorithms library (Swift)


Functional programming library (Swift)

  • Rank-N polymorphism documentation[1][2]
  • New Exists type encoding the notion of existential type used to improve Coyoneda implementation[1]
  • Program type for free-er monads[1]
  • Multi-way tree data type and its usual typeclass instances[1]
  • Functor, Applicative and Monad instances for Trampoline[1]
  • MonadTrans and ComonadTrans typeclasses and its laws[1]
  • And more...

Swift Snapshot Testing

Library for snapshot testing (Swift)

  • Separate file content transformations from file IO so we can write unit tests[1]
  • Escape snapshot literals appropriately when they contain special characters[1]


Functional reactive architecture and supporting library (Swift)

  • Sensor DSL to manage side effects in the reducer[1]
  • SensorTest improvements and Sensor unit tests
  • Add unique ID to effects so they can be triggered more than once
  • And more...

Garmin Data Fields

A collection of data fields for Garmin sport devices